Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tuesday 31st May 2011 - Pretty Much Perfect Schooling

What a great lesson! K was such a good girl, not rushing into the trot at all, and not bothering with the nap either which is SUCH a miracle!!! However, her latest trick is definitely bucking and she put in two, but it was great....I just rode her forwards and chilled.....Its amazing what visualising Robert Pattison smiling at me can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did various turns, reins changes etc and she really was good as gold - quite a big breakthrough I'd say. After my lesson, my instructor lunged her over poles and she was sooo sweet - it appears she has only been schooled to jump poles, not do flatwork over them!!!! so occasionally she put in 10 ft leaps across them!

Really really really pleased - its making such a difference working to a plan and having some consistency in the riding.....

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