Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fired Up!!!!!! - Thursday 26th May 2011

Day Two of Six Week Plan.....

Riding through bucks with leg on, determination and absolutely no fear, whilst returning to a balanced steady trot........Feels like we've made it, look how far we've come now baby.......

Result! This riding every day lark is sooooooo good for me and K - she was completely non-spooky today even though it was blowing an absolute gale, again!!!! We worked on small patterns and gradually increased the distances in walk and trot. Towards the end she tried to nap and bucked a couple of times, but without any tension or fear. I felt completely confident about putting my leg on and riding her forwards, which definitely gave her something to think about! She tried it again and I did the same, and this time she actually turned her head around and looked at me in disbelief!!!! We then did two laps of the schooling area in the best trot we've ever done.

I can honestly say that I wanted her to buck and nap again - just to prove to her that I can do it a 3rd time!!!!!

Am completely buzzing and now have Mumford and Sons cranked up on the stereo and dancing about!

Having a plan and specific exercies to work to is just brilliant - I know its back to that age old cliche that if you fail to plan you plan to fail but its true!!!!! Thx Lisa for getting us to buckle down xxxxx


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  1. I love this post :) I want to know how you have got on since June 2011?? Your last post? I hope the good results continued.