Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday 25th May 2011

Day One of the Six Week Plan.....

just got in from day one of training

charlie only got back in from work at 8 so i managed to get 40 mins of schooling in and gave him a demo of what i learnt yesterday (minus the trot).

its the first time ive ridden kermit so late in the evening and she jogged into the paddock and then humped a few times in protest when i asked her to move forwards and get into the schooling area so i decided to just take it steady.

it was great having charlie there as i talked him through what i was doing and lis - keeping her occupied from the off was fab and like yesterday, she settled down very quickly

charlie was v impressed by the tiny circles and i practised by circling around him whilst he sat on one of the water containers. the aim was for my inside leg to keep brushing him which i did just by using that high up inside rein and no leg - really good!

she was also responsing so well to the leg and most of the time i only had to give her one quick kick and she would move forward straight away - what a fast learner. and she only stopped in mid walk twice which is just a miracle considering i was using no leg - this feels like such a great learning achivement already!

we zig zagged in and out of poles and walked around the big circle on both reins and i kept my reins equal and parallel and focused on steering by looking where i wanted to go which also worked brilliantly.

i decided to leave it at that point as it was going dusky and v windy and i was determined to leave it on a high note for both of us. i untacked her and took her for a much on some long grass for 10 mins which she definitely appreciated - brilliant!!!!!

feeling really pleased as i was def out of my comfort zone tonight as i was out so late and she was def twitchy to start with but really pleased that she chilled so quickly - hoorah!

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