Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday 24th May 2011

Well, sorry its been so long.
After an amazing two weeks with the roundpen we had 10 days of fantastic riding, including my first ever solo hack!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately my mare then got a respiratory infection and was off for 10 days, was then OK again for 5 days, and then went lame for another 10!!!!

So riding started up again last week and all has been going really well, but today was a BIG turning point......

Lisa Venables, my Holistic Horses confidence coach, came to give me a lesson for the first time. It was great to have Lisa over to meet my mare and see me ride as she is a key part of my learning journey and knows everything about my emotional state when it comes to riding - and lots of other stuff too!!!!

Last night at our strategy meeting we worked on a six week plan and so today we went about setting up wek one's activities to facilitate the plan.

Within minutes Lisa had my 'lazy' mare who hates schooling work walking around happily with me having to use hardly any leg, she showed me how to get her to stop immediately in trot so that I was in full control, how to ask her to turn on a sixpence with very little effort, and I feel that in one short hour my riding has already been transformed!!! Both my mare and I really enjoyed it and I can't believe how after one hour with Lisa such a dramatic change can occur. I really can't wait to try it all out again tomorrow!!! And by the way, it was blowing a gale and none of us batted an eyelid! Result!!!

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